Shops and inventory

Don't worry about getting lost.
We have maps spread around the whole shopping area to help you find your way!

Shake N' Bake Shops:


At Liftoff all prices fly down low, for just 1 diamond you can get 2 stacks of
flight duration 1 rockets! And it gets even better you can buy a whole
shulker box for 12 diamonds!


Red Zone

Are you thinking about starting a new Redstone project? Don't feel like collecting
and crafting up all those Redstone components? Just pop in and grab everything you need right here!

Redstone (blocks) Redstone lamps
Pistons (sticky) Hoppers
Dispensers Slimeblocks
Droppers Levers
Comparators TNT
Repeaters Rails


Are you afraid of the End Dragon? Or falling down into the void?
Still haven't been able to get your hands on an Elytra? No fear,
you don't need to go The End anymore, because we sell everything you might need.

Dragon heads
Shulker Shells
Chorus Fruit Coming soon!
Chorus Flower
Enchanted Elytra's For only 8 dbs!
Endstone Coming soon!
Purper blocks Coming soon!

Crimson Keep

In the Crimson Keep you'll find your darkest desires. Here you'll
find all nether related items under one roof.

Netherite Ingots Soul Sand Crimson Nylium Warper Nylium
Beacons Soul Soil Crimson Stem Warped Stem
Glowstone Magma Blocks Nether Wart Blocks Warped Wart Blocks

Wild Lotus

Come relax at your favorite florist. He sells all 1 high flowers (no wither roses)
for just 1 emerald block per stack. And all 2 high flowers for 2 emerald blocks
per stack! (Tall flowers are sold per 32)



Are you a busy bee? So busy that you don't have time for beekeeping yourself?
Well Shake N' Bakes bees have been busy for you! And if you want,
you can even take some of them home. Our beehives are guaranteed to have 3 bees inside!

Honeycomb Blocks
Honey Blocks
Honey Bottles
Empty Beehives
Full Beehives

Iron Giant

You'll quickly fall in love with this giant metallic guy that fell from outer space.
Who doesn't love iron blocks at the low price of 8 blocks per diamond!

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